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Vlad Md Golam is a Tbilisi-based creative developer сurrently focusing on generative design and WebGL. Now working at ONY.


Game project for an exhibition at the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center. Avant-garde aesthetics and modernist architecture merged with the Tetris mechanics.

⚛.js, three.js, next.js 

A virtual exhibition for the Russian artist Misha Nikatin. Artist’s reflection on the topic of loneliness and the feelings of being isolated, which became a global phenomenon in spring of 2020.

⚛.js, three.js, react-three-fiber 

Website for a contemporary artist.

⚛.js, strapi cms, apollo & graphql 



Graduate work at the HSE Art and Design School. Insight is a browser extension that helps in understanding your screen time patterns and improving online habits.

product design, research 

2022. Typeface: Wremena by Roman Gornitsky